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Photo tours with Patrick Dieudonne

After Iceland, Scotland and Tuscany with Patrick...

Photo tours and Workshops

I am now in professional photography (for twenty years ...) but in another life (it seems) I have spent another ten years or so sharing my passion for french literature with students. Now I share what I have learned in the field of photography, a very different domain, but with the same enthusiasm as ever. A great photo to me is the result of precise technical knowledge serving a deep empathy towards natural places. I will help you the best I can in finding, building or refining your own style and vision.   

You don't have to be an expert photographer to participate. Tours are conducted in an informal, friendly group setting.


Photographic tours and workshops

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I can tell you that for me, this trip to Scotland was exceptional, a total success. Every day, new enchantments, sublime landscapes, wonderful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so passionately.Thank you for your advice and photo analysis. Thank you for everything you brought me throughout our stay. I would like to participate in other trips guided by you. R. D. Scotland 2016

Recently on French soil and having left you hurriedly, we wanted to thank you for this intense photo week, very rich in advice, sharing, and in a good mood. Beyond our photos, we will keep an excellent memory of these landscapes and the light you knew how to make us discover and appreciate. C and D. B. Scotland 2016

As I told you in a previous email, I really enjoyed our trip to Scotland and especially your way of transmitting your knowledge. I learned more in a week with you than on all the different photo tours I have been attending for several years. - R. D. Scotland 2016

Hello to the former Icelanders, the flight went well and everyone has arrived safely. Great trip! Waiting for the next one ! V.P Iceland 2016

With the recent addition of Lofoten to the photo tours catalog, my booking soon became obvious. And I was not disappointed, far from it! First of all, the Lofoten were even more beautiful than I could see on many shots and imagine them. The winter season adds an exceptional atmosphere to places that already leave one breathless. The tour itself was also a total success, always true to yourself in your total commitment to photographic success from sunrise, to the pursuit of the northern lights! The small group also worked perfectly and installed a dynamic and pleasant atmosphere. X. B. Lofoten 2016

I learned new techniques, and kudos for your listening and your real desire to transmit your skills. I had the tendency the first days to make it on my own but quickly realized that every time in the field you dispensed valuable advice and I quickly returned within the group, to my greatest satisfaction. L. C. Travel Lofoten 2016

The Lofotens represented for many of us a model of these mythical and magical places that we dreamed to discover one day ... Your passion for these lands and these lights of the North allowed us to photograph in your company these marvelous Islands, and to come back with beautiful pictures and beautiful memories. You are always very present, attentive and listening. Compared to the previous tour, I was already a little more at ease technically, which allowed me to progress in terms of framing and try my first panoramics. I'm still a novice landscape photographer, but your passion is contagious ... J. A. Travel Lofoten 2016

Thank you, we really enjoyed this intense photo trip. The puffins were great, but the rest too! O. B. Shetland 2015

We really enjoyed the wilderness there, and wildlife is everywhere. We liked very much being with you, there was a good atmosphere, cool. P. and E., Shetland 2015

I really enjoyed so much this tour, vast landscapes and all these birds, what a pleasure, just to see them! I thank you again for these good times and all the opportunities that you offered us. I hope to go also to the Danube Delta in May ... N.R. Shetland 2016

Hello Patrick I'm back from the Shetlands you made me realize my dream and I can not thank you enough! G.A. Shetland 2016

 It's up to me to thank you for this real introduction to the landscape, I learned a lot in photography, but humanly too. J. B. Scotland 2015

Thank you to you for your investment and for the spectacular spots that you made us always discover a pleasure your teaching your sharing and especially your company. C.A. Scotland 2015

I've been in many photo tours, and I can say that this tour is one of only 2 where the photographer has given as much (he is an enthusiast who shares without counting). Normally all photo trips should be so. M.M. Scotland 2015

Your way of working is exemplary with a desire to provide as much photo opportunities as possible, and help people with pedagogy and care, in conditions of real comfort. This is what I'd call " haute couture" in the field of photo tours. Program is dense though, could be a bit exhausting for some, but not for me. D.D. Scotland 2015


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